Professional third-party hosting is included with OPTIMA™ +Video and AMP Video Basic Hosting & Marketing, but what is professional third-party hosting and why is it so valuable to business owners? While you can host your video for free on sites like YouTube and Vimeo, advertisements will be played at the beginning and end of your video that may be inappropriate for your audience or could direct your potential customers straight to your competition. AMP hosted videos are ad-free to ensure your viewers see exactly what you want them to. Additionally, video content on your website dramatically boosts your websites’ SEO, in turn helping you appear higher on a variety of search engines. When you integrate your video into your website with AMP hosting, your website gets the full SEO benefit of that video.

Once your video is created, AMP’s Video Support Specialist will reach out with an embed code and coach you through the simple process of getting this video up onto your site. Your video will remain professionally hosted throughout the duration of your program. Another huge bonus of this professional hosting is that at any point you can contact your Video Support Specialist to look up detailed analytics on your video including where your viewers are coming from, how many views you’ve gotten, how much of the video your viewers are watching, and more. Video is a powerful tool to boost your online presence and has never been easier to utilize than with AMP’s professional third-party hosting. See below for examples of AMP Video customers that have used our professional hosting on their business’ websites.

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