Video Options


  • Professionally produced 2-3 minute videos telling the story of your business, describing what makes you unique, trustworthy, and the right company to call.
  • Professionally written and edited script that highlights forth the most compelling and engaging features of your business.
  • Includes professional voiceover, licensed music, and authentic onsite nonstock still and panoramic imagery.


  • 30 Second Videos that provide a compelling overview of your business by combining:
    • Still or Panoramic Imagery
    • Professional voiceover
    • Licensed music
  • Perfect for uploading to your official Google listing, for posting on social media sites such as Facebook, for use as Google Posts and for inclusion in your email signature.

Video Bundles


Two Business Intro Videos
with an overview of your business
and description of its services.



Two Business Intro Videos and one
Who We Are Video.


Video Hosting & Marketing Service

Full-service, professional video hosting of AMP Video content or your video content $385 add-on to any OPTIMA™ Program.

  • Professional video hosting
  • Posting to Google
  • Video hosted on OPTIMA™ Testimonial Page
  • Thumbnail image
  • Ongoing phone assistance and coaching from video support specialist

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For Non-OPTIMA™ customers, we offer professional video hosting and marketing program at a low annual cost, to ensure your video is widely distributed and will attract customers.

Professional third-party hosting, which enables:

  • Easy, ad-free, competitor-free integration into your website
  • Huge SEO advantages. Views of the video on your website accrue to your website rather than to YouTube or Vimeo
  • Deep analytics about visits, views, time on video, etc.

Publication to the AMP YouTube channel

  • With professional tagging and video mark-up to improve the visibility or your video in search results.

Phone coaching and advice

  • From a knowledgeable AMP video marketing specialist for integrating your video into your email, website, and other marketing efforts.