The Village of Park Forest IL, first became a township in 1948, in an effort to provide housing to soldiers after World War II. Ever since they have become a blooming community full of diverse cultures, and a strong small business community. Park Forest is located just 30 miles south of downtown Chicago, and has an estimated population of 21,975 residents. Their town has been growing nonstop since their founding, and with new members joining their community each year, they needed a way to tell the story of their business in a brief but compelling format to capture the attention of potential residents looking to make Park Forest their home – AMP Video™ provided a solution!

The Village of Park Forest purchased a Business Intro™ Bundle for their community. This package includes two Business Intro™ Videos! Each video contains a 25-45 second business overview, with high quality imagery and a professional voice over. The Village of Park Forest decided to use one of their videos to provide an overview of their township, and they used the other video to provide an overview of their popular meeting and banquet facility, Dining on the Green! The videos were both published to YouTube in January of 2022, and have since earned a combined total of 11,733 views!